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Half Tank
Water Polo Club
Los Angeles Chapter

Focused on fun & technique
Man-Down / Exclusion format :
less swimming, more passing & shooting

For current & former
HS, Collegiate, Club & Masters level players

Novice & beginner focus : treading water & egg-beating technique training, teaching & outreach

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Los Angeles chapter

20-Jul, 11 to 12:30
LMU Burns Pool

July Saturdays 

Los Angeles chapter

17-Aug, 1 to 2:30
LMU Burns Pool

July Saturdays 

 Focused on fun: 

passing & shooting

in Exclusion / Man-Down format. 

Teamwork, technique, competition & finesse. 

Our sessions & scrimmages accommodate & combine varied skill & experience levels.

Hung up your speedo ? No worries, bring your board-shorts

Missing the feeling a bar-down ? We guarantee the most bar-downs-per session!

Current player focus : skills, technique, ball-handling, pass & shoot, strategy

Former player focus : workout, skills & technique, culture & community

Novice player focus : treading & eggbeater technique

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17-Aug LA Chapter.png

Our vision & goals

Our primary goal is to create a thriving and inclusive community for adult water polo players in Los Angeles and beyond.  A sense of camaraderie, community and culture is achieved through our weekly sessions.


Get you in the water. Stay in shape, develop & refine skills, within a competitive context of Half Tank 5 vs 5, exclusion scrimmages.  


Through regular practices, workouts, scrimmages, and tournaments, we keep the water polo community connected and engaged.


Promote physical fitness and well-being: Half Tank Water Polo Club is dedicated to helping its members stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide regular water polo training opportunities that focus on improving fitness, endurance, and water polo skills. 


Create a fun and competitive environment: We believe that water polo should be enjoyed as both a fun and competitive sport. Our vision is to create an environment where members can challenge themselves, push their limits, and enhance their water polo skills while having a great time. 


Organize engaging social events: In addition to the on-water activities, Half Tank Water Polo Club understands the importance of building connections and fostering friendships outside of the pool. We organize regular social events that allow members to interact, relax, and have fun together. 



SKILLS :  focus and development; focused on ongoing Water Polo technique, skills and movement for all-levels and ages


WATER POLO FIT : Physical fitness, promoting that you get in and maintain your "Water Polo Shape" in a healthy outdoor setting, promoted by competition, communication & camaraderie.


CULTURE : support local, national teams, with awareness and support, knowledge transfer within the club & skill levels

COMPETITION : regular scrimmage & tournaments.

COMMUNITY : curate a pool, of treading experts, discuss and define teaching and learning, community outreach to spread our knowledge of treading & our joy of Water Polo and the sport to act as a focus-point in that message. Masters Water Polo, Masters level water polo, adult water polo, treading & water safety training.

How To Play

No fouls, no ref's & no stops.


Begin Play, Offense: 5 players, outside 8m. Lateral pass.

Begin play, DEFENSE :  1 player in goal, 4 players inside 4m


Make it take it

Offense: 1 pt per goal made

Defense: 1 pt per stop

Alignment to start play

Creator of Half Tank Water Polo Club

Meet Coach Ryan

Waterman, Water Polo athlete
Former High School Coach, with JO & Collegiate experience.
Witnessed & participated in Water Polo in Italy.


Half-Tank ​Water Polo Club

Join us in Los Angeles for
Winter / Spring 2024 sessions

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